When a twelve year old girl disappears, Diego, eight years old, starts having strange visions that draw the attention of the Gendarmerie captain in charge of the case, Romain and even more of his companion, Sarah, a young psychologist. What if Diego’s visions or drawings were linked to the girl’s disappearance? A special bond will soon link Sarah to Diego. Especially as the little boy seems connected to elements of the young women’s past. A past that a post-traumatic shock had completely erased from her memory. Beyond the investigation, this series shows the fascinating universe of mediums, and, through Diego's gift, tackles the themes of difference and acceptance. No one wants to be different at eight years old, Diego just want to be like anyone else.



Soufiane Guerrab

Jean-Hugues Anglade

Anne Marivin

Max Boublil

Marie-Ange Casta

Julien Boisselier

Robinson Stévenin

Francis Renaud

Léon Durieux

Sophie Cattani

Clément Bresson

Written by
Jeanne Le Guillou

Bruno Dega

Directed by
Akim Isker