Elementary Particles


2009, Michel Djerzinski, a genius researcher specialised in molecular biology, disappears mysteriously in Ireland. His last dicoveries would have opened the way for a major upheaval in human genetic history. Its the opportunity for a vertigineous dive in time where we discover his step brother Bruno, a tortured sex maniac who will find love in a post 68 camp, Janine, Bruno's and Michel's mother, an ex-hippie who always refused to raise her children in a conventional way, and Annabelle, Michel's childhood love.


Guillaume Gouix

Jean-Charles Clichet

Pascale Arbillot

Déborah François

Michel Vuillermoz

Patrick Mille

Liliane Rovère

Marie Denarnaud

Written by

Gilles Taurand

Directed by
Antoine Garceau

Original soundtrack

Produced by
Edouard de Vésinne

Thomas Anargyros

Based on Michel Houellebecq’s novel

published by FLAMMARION


Florence Narozny