The Wagner Method


After being recently transferred to Strasbourg's judicial police department in eastern France, police captain Cesar Wagner settles in with the new team. Assisted by Elise Beaumont, an uninhibited medical examiner, Wagner tries to impose his own distinctive style: a confirmed bachelor, big-hearted cop and compulsive hypochondriac who also has an obsession for his work, Wagner unsettles not only the suspects but also the members of his own squad.


Episode 1

Episode 2
Mauvais Sang

Episode 3
Sombres Desseins

Episode 4
L’Or du Rhin

Episode 5
Un Doigt de Mystère


Gil Alma

Olivia Côte

Coralie Russier

Soufiane Guerrab 

Fanny Cottençon

Étienne Diallo

Amaury de Crayencour 

A show created by 
Sébastien Paris 

Éric Vérat

Episodes 1,2,3

Antoine Garceau

Original soundtrack
Maïdi Roth 

Franck Pilant

Produced par
Edouard de Vésinne 

David Amselem 

Episodes 4,5
Magaly Richard-Serrano

Thierry Videau