Owning It


Sanou, a bright 15-year-old, starts at the famous Henri IV high school in Paris. In this prestigious institution, the young girl from the Saint-Denis outer suburbs finds herself dropped into a world a million miles from everything she knows. To help her, a guidance counsellor offers her accommodation close to her new school, as well as a student grant. In exchange, Sanou has to tutor a student from her home middle school: 14-year-old breakdance fanatic Khady. A teenage chronicle about two bright girls from the suburbs with very different characters.


Tracy Gotoas

Tatiana Rojo

Fanta Kebe

Augustin Ruhabura

Déborah François

Lucile Fagedet

Written by
Laure-Elisabeth Bourdaud

Johanna Goldschmidt

Directed by
Nolwenn Lemesle

Original soundtrack
Ronan Maillard

Produced by
Edouard de Vésinne

David Amselem


Florence Narozny