Marilyne and Bruno Caron, move in a mountain village with their little daughter for a fresh start. The chalet that they've rented from Patrick Castang, a promoter and owner of many houses in the region, is still under construction. Patrick puts them up temporarily in another classier chalet and employs Marilyne as a housekeeper. Considered as friends by the Castang family, Marilyne and Bruno are initially delighted, only to become disillusioned. They must shift several times and feel humiliated by Patrick and his wife, whose arrogantly luxuriant lifestyle makes them envious. Their bitterness, fueled by jealousy, envy and frustration turns into hatred.


Jérémie Renier

Julie Depardieu

Lucien Jean-Baptise

Alexandra Lamy

Written by

Isabelle Claris

Éric Guirado

Directed by
Éric Guirado

Original soundtrack
Maïdi Roth

Produced by

Edouard de Vésinne

Thomas Anargyros