Father-Son Boot Camp


Ils sont père et fils. Ils ne se supportent pas. They are father and son. They can't stand each other. Their friends and family member have launched an ultimatum: they must participate in a reconciliation workshop "Father Son Adventures" in the gorges of the Verdon, where they must attempt to draw closer one last time. Between bad faith and underhand tactics, it's not sure they'll survive the adventure and manage to become reunited.


Richard Berry

Julie Ferrier

Jacques Gamblin

Alice Belaïdi

Waly Dia

Baptiste Lorber

Written by

Émile Gaudreault,

Guy Laurent

Philippe de Chauveron

Directed by
Émile Gaudreault

Original soundtrack
FM Le Sieur

Produced by

Edouard de Vésinne

Denise Robert

Inspired by the movie “De Père en Flic” by Émile Gaudreault